It was a chance encounter that set Disha Mehta and Ginil Jain on the path to love, marriage and ultimately setting up womenswear brand Ginil&Disha.

Ginil & Disha work with Indian aesthetics to play with western construction, fits and drapes to give elegant silhouettes. Our obsession with Indian fabrics in vibrant colours combined with craftsmanship and perfect structures converge to form our designs.

Our vision is to reinvent textile arts like ajrakh, bandhani, leheriya, benarsi weaves, patola, and translate them into niche outfits.

Each collection has smart and sexy options that are easy to wear as western clothing but with a strong Indian connect. It's exciting and modern. The collection has beautifully cut clothes that are not based on seasonal trends, which adds to their longevity.

What makes this collection special is that each of the separates affords the wearer endless possibilities to tell any story she wants with it.

G&D Kids

When a designer couple have a child, it's only a matter of time before they begin making outfits for the child. The result was the inception of G&D Kids.

G&D kids is a fun clothing brand for kids. It's a fusion of traditional craft designs and evergreen clothing for kids at affordable prices.

Colours are the most commonly used tool by children to express their emotions and thoughts. Our prints are bright and cheerful just like the children who adorn them. 

We use only 100% cotton fabrics. Cotton being a natural fibre, breathable and soft in any condition yet undeniably durable, while being allergy free which makes it an ideal for kids-wear.