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Ginil & Disha

Bandhani Leheriya Top Cape Set

Bandhani Leheriya Top Cape Set

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Cape jacket and halter top in handcrafted bandhani and leheriya highlighted with hand embroidery that adds depth, texture, and beauty to this silhouette. The addition of hand embroidered borders placed along the edges further enhances its elegance.

Monochrome cowl trousers complete the outfit, offering a slimming and boho look, making them a versatile choice for various occasions.

When combined, this ensemble showcases the rich and diverse textile traditions of India. It's a blend of traditional and contemporary fashion elements, often seen in modern Indian and fusion wear.

As a result of the artisan-led techniques and processes involved in its creation, there may be slight variations in color, texture, and pattern when compared to the image. These variations are a common characteristic of handmade or artisanal products and are often considered a desirable aspect, as they contribute to the uniqueness and individuality of each item. It's important to understand and appreciate these potential differences when purchasing handcrafted products, as they can add to the charm and character of the item.

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